Flickr Photos a Social Network

How to use Flickr

There’s a lot of good reasons to use an online photo service. Online photo services make it easy to save and organize your photos for later. Have you ever tried to find a picture from your last trip and had no idea where it could be? Ever had your hard drive crash and were not able to recover anything on it? I have, and it’s not fun.

Sharing your Photos
Sharing your photos online is a lot easier and faster than emailing your photos to all your friends and family. And your friends and family can also keep up with your new pics.

Networking your photos
This maybe a little extreme: I just came back from Barbados and saw about 20 properties, and yes I have plenty more to go. Some unique features: These pictures are sized to fit on any area of a web site, each picture has a description, and are copy righted as creative commons so they can not be resold, anyone can use them, and there must be a reference that I am the photographer.

I liked Club Med so much I set up a Club Med Group on Flickr where others could share their vacation photos as well. What a great way to see other Club Med locations than through the eyes or photos of others that have been there. And if there are more questions there is a place to start a discussion or ask questions.

Managing Communications with Google Voice

Having trouble managing home cell and business phones? And what about managing different answering machines and services.

Some days at work I’m on the phone 70 plus % of the day. So any way I can combine services, save time and make it easier, I’ll do it.

Google Voice(GV) gives me the ability to give out 1 phone number and direct individual calls to specific phones, answering service and can even direct spam calls to a number out of service recording.

Just down loaded and installed the Google Voice(GV) app on a gPhone so out going calls use the the GV number and those receiving the call see the GV number.

All the Google Voice videos

email Addresses on a website

Time is every business person’s enemy or friend depending how much you can get done by the end of the day. Emails are something that can be a big time waster so as a rule I never include an email on my site and as a curtsy to others I never post anyone else’s  email address online unless they request it.

Well I’ve decided to turn the tables on the spammers by including an email address made specifically for them. There is nothing harmful and no animals are killed in the process. It’s simply set up with an auto responder that’s created for marketers and PR companies that sell email addresses and PR individuals looking for information.

SO Please DO NOT
email to

this is email address is for spammers and scrapers. is a real email address that is solely to send an email back to the sender with links and information why they should come back to any number of my sites. This is set up as an auto responder so there is nothing for me to do. Just set it and forget it.

Let me know what you think or if you will add an email like this to your site.