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It was raining this morning and a great time to update and rearrange my passwords. It’s been some years since the password’s folder had some serious attention and some well deserved house cleaning.

Once the folder was cleaned up and rearranged, (down to 80+ passwords now) it was a simple process to sync the data into a RoboForm2Go (on a usb stick) with the Synchronize Passwords manager. This wasn’t much of a problem before but now it’s real simple.

Password manager software saver.

Forget your passwords?

Think it’s time to use a different password?

Do you access the same accounts at work and at home?

With all the passwords we use it’s easy to forget the easy ones like our Yahoo or Hotmail passords.

Here is a secure password manager & generator that will create and store your passwords.

Lost Password ?

Don’t think you´re the only one. The last survey says we are over whelmed with the amount of passwords we need to know at work and at home.

Over 15% of managers say they have over 15 passwords they need in their day-to-day business. Some keep them on notepads, spreadsheets or palm pc and pocket pc (not a safe place to keep passwords).

As Americans we are required to change our passwords less than the rest of the world, and I would expect that to pick up with the higher rate of security business web sites will be taking.


RoboForm runs on the toolbar of over 30 different browsers including IE, Foxfire, Mozilla Suites, and the newer Netscape’s. When I use 2 different browsers on the same machine: I will access the same account and login codes from the different browsers and the same information will be added to the forms.

Other installs:

  • Palm pc and Pocket pc
  • USB device (RoboForm2Go) or stick and will run without installing on a laptop or desktop computer. No files or password information will be saved on the pc.
  • GoodSync synchronizes files between 2 computers and or a USB device.

Password Generator

Random password generator

This password generator creates hard to crack random

  • Specify password length, types of characters, and special characters.
  • Measures the strength of the password.
  • Best way to create random passwords.

Password Security

Defeats Keyloggers

When RoboForm enters the password into form fields, it does not type them through the keyboard, so if a keylogger is on the system, there are no key-clicks to record.

Best anti-phishing defense

As you know there are many emails received daily asking for account information.

RoboForm helps increase your online security by storing the URL with login information and will only use the right information on the right web site. This way you can not log into a fake site using this password manager.

If you start entering private information into a unknown form a popup warning will come up.

Password Encryption

RoboForm increases online security by protecting all identities and passwords by making them inaccessible to unauthorized users and unreadable by hackers even if they are stolen because of the strong encryption.

Password Manager Software

  • Automatically add personal information like name & address information.
  • Backup & restore and print options are available.

Password Manager

RoboForm is given a best rating for Password manager software by PC Magazine and is the editors choice at

Don’t lose your Yahoo or Hotmail password again.
Create new secure passwords with the password generator anytime.

Protect your passwords and identity.