WordPress Plugin for Salesforce crm

Here´s a WordPress to Salesforce plugin that connects your website viewers to your Salesforce CRM.

There´s not a faster way to connect with viewers on your website to your sales team even if that´s you. If you’re a small business on the go, traveling or out and about on a weekly basis there is no better way to connect.

Customers and contacts are every companies life blood.

Once a form is filled out, the data seamlessly shows up in your contacts and with a click on your Blackberry or handheld, you´re connecting with someone who wants to connect with you.

One of the best things I love about Salesfore is that’s in the cloud. If your out and about or even at home and make a contact and update an account, that change will also show up when you enter the office or any other computer.

If you´re current contact management system (crm) is bogging down and your getting over whelmed tracking your customers and leads you can try Saleforce for free.

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